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Vehicle Required

Coach Hire Liverpool

All our vehicles are spotless and maintained in peak condition because every vehicle in the fleet is checked in terms of a regular system of rotation. This is the best way to ensure that our already outstanding service continues to exceed our clients' expectations, and that the savings associated with these efficiencies are passed on to you, our clients. Contact Coach Hire Liverpool now to enquire about the range of services we offer and to make your booking.

Liverpool Coach Hire

Customers having to hire a number of coaches to house their group are often concerned about cost and coordination. Leave that to Coach Hire Liverpool: it's all part of the service. Our operations staff will arrange the schedule and then liaise with the drivers so that even if vehicles end up on different routes, all the passengers arrive at the same time. Consequently there is no need to concern yourself with parking or the coordination as you make your way around Liverpool, especially as our drivers are very familiar with Liverpool's highways and byways as well as every conceivable short cut.

Coach Hire Liverpool sets a great deal of store on offering its clients the best possible rates and offers preferential packages to repeat customers and to customers that hire more than one vehicle.

Coaches For Tours & Visits

Make your life easy by choosing one or more of our coaches for your tour and transport needs around Liverpool, Lancashire or the whole of Great Britain. Our coaches come in a range of specifications, like reclining seats, headrests, tables and toilets. Select the specification level you need so that you and your passengers have the space and time to engage in business discussions or simply natter the time away as your driver gets you safely from one point on your itinerary to the next.

Coach Hire Liverpool's professional staff are all experts. The operations team are well versed in transport issues and passenger coordination. Our sales team stay in touch with market needs and will go the extra mile to see that each and every customer's special requirements are fulfilled. Of more importance to some is the level of skill and expertise among our drivers. Each is vetted and his or her credentials verified before they set foot in one of our coaches. On top of this, they undergo continuous refresher training, especially in first aid so that are able to handle any emergency situation.

Planning For A Smooth Travel

Returning to our sales staff, why you plan your visit to Liverpool, they will guide you in respect of not just the optimum vehicles for your purposes, but also help you to construct a schedule that maximises time but takes your passengers along the most scenic routes in Liverpool. They will give you their utmost attention and tailor a package for you and your passengers.

Remember, too, our commitment to efficiencies? Our effectiveness means that we provide the highest level of service while keeping our rates as low as possible. This means that our even our bespoke packages are budget-friendly and Coach Hire Liverpool offers coach services at prices that competitor coach hire companies just cannot better.

The friendly folk at Coach Hire Liverpool are waiting for you to get in touch. Do it today or through our easy online system.

Minibus Hire with Driver

Our minibuses can accommodate a group of 8 to 19 people. They are modern minibuses thus you will travel in style and comfortable throughout your journey. The safety of our customers has always been our priority. Thus we ensure that our minibuses are well serviced regularly and maintained in the very best condition. More to that, all our drivers are professionally trained drivers and have undergone through security checks to ensure that they have the potential to drive you and your group safely and at a professional level.

Affordable Minibus Hire

Our services are quite affordable, and you will be shocked on how much you can save with us and still have that trip to remember. Most of our clients come back frequently seeking our services because we can meet their needs and be the most affordable Liverpool minibus hire. However, we are quite flexible, and we can make travel arrangements that will best suit your budget and or your needs. In some cases, you can opt to get a minibus for self drive and making your spending low. This will allow you to have more freedom as you travel and enjoy more. All in all, as we have managed to keep our prices at a customer friendly level, we ensure that our quality of service remains the same.

Driving To Tourist Attractions

The UK is a great place with full of many beautiful places that you can visit. There is no better place to start your exploration than from the amazing city of Liverpool. In this case, we will help you with all of your transportation needs. We understand the environment to the very best to advice on how best you will travel to various scenarios or venues. There is no reason to worry about how you will get to our location because we can take you from anywhere in Liverpool and drive you safely to your destination. We can pick you up from the airport, from your hotels, from your school, from your homes, from your business, or any other location in Liverpool.

Comfortable Vehicles

All our clients are always happy with our minibuses perfect condition thus making us the best option at all times as compared with other transportation companies. Other than our minibuses being modern, we have also installed a modern entertainment platform that eliminates any boredom mood as you travel with our minibuses. The seats are comfortable and can be adjusted to your preferred perfect position. More to that, they have been carefully designed to ensure that your muscles are relaxed when traveling and eliminate any back pain or related issues. They have safety belts that ensure your safety, and they are comfortable to you.

If you are in Liverpool and you need transport services, either for a few days or hours, just talk to us today for your transportation arrangements, and we will assist you in what we do best.

Our Liverpool Services

Liverpool is a maritime city on the Mersey River and is the birthplace of The Beatles and the Merseyside Beat. Visitors can enjoy the Waterfront, music and a range of architectural styles from the most modern, to art deco, Victorian and Georgian. Of course, not to be forgotten, is that Liverpool is home to one of the world's most famous football clubs and we are always delighted to welcome soccer fans from all corners of the earth who visit Liverpool to watch football matches at Anfield. All tourists, especially those travelling in groups, share one thing and that is the challenge of sourcing the right means of transport.

Full Range Of Coaches & Minibuses

Coach Hire Liverpool has a fleet of contemporary and well maintained vehicles, from minibuses that take only 8, through our midsized vehicles to the monster coach that accommodates 57 passengers. This means that we have the capacity to cope with small groups as easily as the largest of groups – whether it is in a single vehicle or a number of different vehicles.

So, it is as straightforward to provide an 8-seat minibus for a small group with a load of luggage as it is to provide a large 57-seat coach for a visiting football team and all the hangers-on. Incoming travel tour can rent vehicle of any size for just a single day, or for an extended trip up around the north of England, or just into the nearby countryside. Whatever minibus or coach you select, they all have up to date amenities such as air conditioning, music systems and TVs. Comfortable, large, seats that recline, and broad walkways mean that passengers can easily get around on the coach and swap places while not getting into their neighbour's space.

Local Minibus Drivers

Most of our skilled and professional drivers are Liverpudlian, so they are extremely knowledgeable about Liverpool, Mersey, and Lancashire. They are practised at getting their vehicles – and you – through the worst imaginable traffic. You can be confident that if there is a traffic jam or foul weather, your driver knows his vehicle and the best route. All our minibuses and coaches are manned by experts capable of evading the horrors of the Liverpool traffic and at the same time presenting the best that the city has to offer. By allowing Coach Hire Liverpool to manage your transport requirements, you don't have to worry about being late for any appointment or aeroplane flight.

We are pleased to offer minibuses furnished with meeting tables that have power points for the corporate and executive business traveller. These special features make it easy to continue doing business between appointments, staying productive and in constant contact with your principles while you are in Liverpool.

Transport For All Occasions

Coach Hire Liverpool also caters for education organisations, whether it is groups of young school children, college or university students, that need transport for excursions or sports' meets. Using a minibus or coach for social club events and for groups of more mature travellers who have more eclectic interests. We take particular care of this type of group, complying to all the public service requirements – for vehicles and drivers.

Private customers also make extensive use of Coach Hire Liverpool's services for family and special events, including weddings and funerals. Regardless of whether it's a significant life event bunch of friends going to the football at Anfield, there is a coach or minibus in our fleet that will fit the bill. Whether it is a minibus or a number of coaches that you need to collect people from all over Liverpool during the course of your stay, our drivers will be on hand. All your guests, including those who have to change their plans will be safely transported and will get to your function on time. Organising transport for these events can be a planner's biggest problem, so let us take this burden away.

Fully Equipped Transport

All vehicles are fitted with navigational systems, so our operations team can watch them continuously and are able communicate any route changes that might be necessary. Our drivers are very familiar with all Liverpool's routes, are equipped to handle any situation and as appropriate, will keep you apprised of any situation.

Just get in connect with our friendly sales team and explain what you need. They will come up with a competitive and practical solution to your transport needs. The team at Coach Hire Liverpool are all dedicated to giving 110% to make sure that every client receives the excellent service and travels only in a coach or minibus in superb condition. Our minibuses can accommodate between 8 to 18 passengers and are the perfect size for medium or small numbers of passengers with lots of luggage.

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