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Regardless of the vehicle you choose a minimum specification standard has been applied to the Liverpool Minibus Hire fleet, so they all have reclining seats and air conditioning for optimum passenger comfort. The larger minibuses have a number of features which make them very attractive for longer trips and tour groups. They have toilets and bathrooms and tinted windows which prevent UV damage and enhance privacy. Essential for tours, they also have microphones making communication with entire group, even passengers in the rear, easy. Then, for the executive traveller, the top of the range minibuses are equipped with mini fridges and offer the superior comfort of leather seats.

Within the fleet of minibuses, there are vehicles that offer a range of seating options for between 8 and 18 passengers. This means that if you are a business traveller and you would like a spacious vehicle, the minibus is the choice for you. Similarly, if you have a smaller group with loads of luggage, a minibus is also an excellent choice. Alternatively, if you are not sure of what vehicle to choose, the team at Minibus Hire Liverpool will discuss your requirements and present you with the right vehicle for your particular needs. These minibuses have generous space for luggage and the bits and bobs that passengers must inevitably take with them, as well as being roomy enough for passengers to move between seats while in transit, so these medium-sized minibuses are perfect for small groups like family gatherings.

If you are concerned about how to manage your time in Liverpool efficiently, because you don't know your way around, our team is there to help. They will both arrange your itinerary work with your driver to maximise your time. All Liverpool Minibus Hire's drivers the CPC and DBA investigated to verify their competence and track records. With that drivers have unimpeachable records, we will on request give more information on the chauffer allocated to your group. Because we take passenger safety seriously, all our drivers undergo training that enables them to manage emergencies as well as how to support people in their care who have special needs, including children, the older person and people with disabilities. Together with regular top-up training, this is just one of the key elements of the most proficient service in Great Britain.

Our experienced team understands that it can be difficult combining your requirements with the great selection of minibuses in Minibus Hire Liverpool fleet. Not to worry, our team of sales agents will discuss your requirements and work with you to choose the vehicle that best suits your purposes, whether it is picking up a group of visitors from the airport, and a basic vehicle will do, or a grand affair for a bride when you need a minibus with all the mod-cons and everything that opens and shuts.

Liverpool Minibus Hire only buys from makers of quality minibuses so we are assured of reliability, regardless of the length of trips and contracts. All minibuses are properly licensed and are routinely and rigorously checked before of they leave our gates and are maintained according to the manufacturers' specifications.

All our customers can have every confidence that the service they receive from Minibus Hire Liverpool will exceed their expectations. They will receive personal attention as our team discusses their requirements and will only be allocated vehicles in tip-top condition.

Get in touch with Minibus Hire Liverpool to discuss your transportation requirements, today.