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19 20 Seater Liverpool Minibus Hire

19 Seater Minibus Hire Liverpool And 20 Seat Minibus Hire

These mini coaches are solidly built vehicles that take between 19 and 20 people, making them an excellent choice for groups greater than 15 and smaller than 25. More luxurious that the minibuses in the minibuis hire Liverpool fleet, they have plenty of space so that passengers can sit back and relax or wander around the cabin to chat with their fellow travellers. Aisle do not get cluttered with packages and parcels because of the ample boot space as well as the overhead lockers.

A major advantage of these little coaches is that they are highly manoeuvrable so it is easy for our drivers to through the congested Liverpool streets. Our drivers are not just adept at coping with the traffic, but because they are locals, know every short cut and back route if a traffic snarl up could delay you.

When you can't make use of a minibus or a large coach, the 19 and 20 seat mini coach is the optimum size, being a tad larger bigger than the quality minibuses that in the Coach Hire Liverpool stable. In line with the Coach Hire Liverpool promise to meet all our customers' specific requirements, the 19- and 20-seat mini coach should do the trick. These vehicles are available in a choice of configurations: the usual standard specifications like seats that tilt back, cushions and head support. We do, however offer coaches with higher specifications, so if your passengers want leather interiors, and need a conference table and mini fridge to keep the festivities going, Coach Hire Liverpool has a mini coach on offer, including those coaches that have bathrooms on board so that guests can refresh themselves ahead of getting to their events.

These midsized buses are also ideal for moving groups like sport's teams and their supporters. So, if you are organising a trip to Liverpool, and to a match at Anfield, Coach Hire Liverpool has the bus for you. We offer special rates if you need to keep the team separate from supporters so that they can focus on their pre-match preparation. Our knowledgeable sales team will advise you and help you to select the vehicle that is optimum for your needs.

Coach Hire Liverpool takes passenger safety very seriously. All our fleet, including the 19 and 20 seater mini coaches subject to a rigorous maintenance schedule which conforms to the highest industry standards. In addition, our technicians use only manufacturer approved parts for repairs and every coach is routinely inspected before departing on a trip.

Communication is central to everything we do at Coach Hire Liverpool – within the business and the operational team and with passengers and clients. To facilitate this, all our vehicles are equipped with closed, secure communications systems as well as tracking and positioning devices. The latter ensure that drivers can avoid traffic snarl-ups making use of the most time-efficient routes. The tracking devices mean that in the event of an unpleasant incident or emergency, our control room can dispatch the appropriate quick response team.

So, with every base covered, from the right bus configuration, professional drivers and passenger safety, the team at Coach Hire Liverpool is ready and waiting to help. Contact us by either picking up the phone, or using our website to request a free quote. We pride ourselves on being the best in Lancashire and look forward to exceeding your expectations.