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14 16 Seater Minibus Hire Liverpool

14 and 16 Seat Liverpool Minibus Hire

Our minibus hire Liverpool have 14 and 16-seat minibuses are equipped with radios, variable atmospheric control and reclining seats. Should you choose a more lavish option for driving around Liverpool, more you can choose from the more exclusive minibuses in our fleet. Not only do they have quality finishes including leather seating you can also choose one with a conference table which is perfect for the corporate client constantly on the go. Alternatively, the conference table is there for early evening cocktails at the close of a long day, ahead of an evening of client schmoozing. Before getting to the theatre, use the bathroom to freshen up and arrive relaxed and ready t face the world.

Our 14 and 16-seater minibuses are the perfect choice for your mid-sized group looking for guided tour of Liverpool, Merseyside and Lancashire. Visit the waterfront and docks with one of our drivers assured that they knowledgeable about the area, because most are local Liverpudlian. This means that they know the routes like the backs of their hands and will be able to take you to those places tourists don't usually go.

Each of our drivers is highly trained so that they understand the minibuses intimately, as well as how to manage large and small groups in their care. At Coach Hire Liverpool, we have specifications that all drivers must meet, including length and type of experience as well as an excellent record before they are allowed to take responsibility for vehicles and passengers. Passenger safety is central to the Minibus Hire Liverpool philosophy.

These minibuses are a great size for small groups like sports teams or school excursions. Because we are cognisant of the safety of young and vulnerable people, drivers of these vehicles are subject to even more stringent vetting. Only when they have passed the necessary checks are they allowed to drive these groups. Not only this, we ensure that drivers receive continuous professional development for both driving and first aid skills so that all our clients are assured that passengers are in the safest possible hands.

Safety is further enhanced by the use of state-of-the art equipment that allows us to track time and distance, as well as to stay in constant communication with the driver. This means that if traffic changes or something untoward happens, our control room is immediately apprised and can despatch help.

The team at Liverpool Coach Hire is always on hand to help you with any query. So, next time you want to rent a 14 or 16 seater minibus, contact us direct or use our website to browse the options and to request a free quote.