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53-Seater Liverpool Coach Hire

53 Seat Liverpool Coach Hire

Even though these 53-seat coaches seem huge, they are fitted with a myriad of features for passengers safety and which reduce the risks of bussing large groups of people. These include a robust chassis and bodywork, as well as seatbelts, and the mandatory emergency exits. Passenger comfort is further enhanced by onboard toilets, so there is no need to for unnecessary pit-stops along the journey.

Our 53-seater coaches are the ideal choice for large group tours of Liverpool or to any other UK destination. These vehicles have a range of specialist features that can only improve the passenger experience such as extra legroom and reclining seats large, with wide and tinted windows through which to gaze at the passing landscape in comfort. For night travel, or when the landscape is less picturesque LCD televisions are available and on which they can watch feature films. Passengers will travel in comfort because of the onboard atmospheric control which is fully adjustable. To top it all, there is ample room for those the shopping bags and other odds and sods that tourists inevitably collect.

The potential number of people in your tour group is never a problem because Coach Hire Liverpool has a fleet of coaches, so if you have as many as 100 or 150 people in your party, they can be accommodated in a number of buses. When coaches travel in mini-convoys, the Coach Hire Liverpool coordination service ensures that the drivers are in continual contact with the control room and each other so that all the buses reach their destinations at the same time. In addition, the Coach Hire Liverpool logistics team will direct your itinerary giving you the freedom to focus on the people in your group and arrive at every point on your itinerary and the scheduled time.

The added advantage of hiring more than one coach is the competitive rates Coach Hire Liverpool offers. Our competitors cannot beat our packages because our fleet comprises the best coaches and our team provides the best service in Liverpool.

All Coach Hire Liverpool's drivers personify professionalism, so clients can be assured that they and their passengers are in safe hands. Our drivers have all been trained, and the coaches they drive are kept in peak condition because go through routine assessments according to the builders' requirements and are maintained corresponding to their specifications. Extra checks are also undertaken in our garage before every trip; clients need never worry about the reliability of our buses or that their trip could be interrupted because of engine failure.

Interested in finding out more about what Coach Hire Liverpool has to offer larger groups? Fill in our online form or telephone one of our friendly agents. So, do ask the friendly staff Coach Hire Liverpool about the multiple vehicle options and let them relieve you of the stress of organising your own fleet of vehicles.

Our customer care staff are experts who will provide you with a free quote that takes your budget into consideration and at the same time ensuring that your passengers have a fabulous Liverpool experience in our spotless coaches. The Coach Hire Liverpool's promise of providing the highest quality service in all aspects of your tour, from planning and coordination to the driving will prove to your passengers that Coach Hire Liverpool is the first choice in coach hire in Lancashire.