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57 Seat Liverpool Coach Hire

Liverpool 57 Seat Coach Hire

Coordinating and managing large groups of people can be a challenge, so hire a 57 seater coaches and let Coach Hire Liverpool handle your transport needs, whether you're organising an inbound tour or a group of Liverpudlians, like your extended family, for an outing.

If it's the latter, renting one of our luxury coaches does away with the headache of coordinating a number of smaller vehicles and drivers, not to mention a multitude of small groups of people. Of course this has the added advantage of not needing designated drivers, so each person in the group can just be together, relax and have fun. Of course, these coaches are also perfect for groups of conference delegates, school pupils and college students, as well as sports teams.

Sports teams and tour groups that are heading out of Liverpool, either into the country or down to London for a match will find that these 57 seat coaches have plenty of storage space, both in the cabin's overhead stowage as well as in the side-entry luggage compartments. This way, the interior of the bus does not have to be cluttered with bags and belongings and the wide aisles can be kept clear and passengers can enjoy mingling with each other.

Among the standard features on these coaches are the public-address systems that enable tour leaders to engage with passengers – even those right at the back of the bus – and making it easy for tour guides to point out the landmarks the beautiful Cathedrals, the docks and the Waterfront or The Cavern Club.

Although some characteristics vary, all are manufactured to the top-notch standards for the most pleasant passenger experience. They have bathrooms which enhance comfort and cuts down unwarranted stops between destinations. The adjustable seats are also standard elements so passengers can sit back and have a quick kip so that they arrive at their next stop, re-energized.

To stay ahead of the market and to better serve our customers, the company regularly invests in new vehicles for the fleet. This means that if you need more than one bus, Coach Hire Liverpool will be delighted to offer additional vehicles. Our professional drivers and staff are highly trained and capable of handling groups of any size. Our team will also manage and coordinate your schedules and will offer you discounts if you rent more than one bus.

To ensure the highest level of professionalism among our drivers, all are vetted and must comply with the UK standards for the industry before they join the Coach Hire Liverpool team. In addition, the company has a rigorous programme in place for the upkeep of all the coaches in the fleet and which complies with the manufacturers' specifications. All our clients can therefore rest assured that every coach in our extensive fleet is in tip-top condition when it leaves our yard.

Coach Hire Liverpool takes pride in the fact that we have a large number of loyal customers that make use of our coaches on a regular basis. This is evidence of the excellent service provided by our team and a positive coach transport experience.

Enquire about the extensive range of vehicle options and transport services offered by Coach Hire Liverpool, today. Our team is standing by to prepare your free quote.